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Searchable Japan Ski Resort Map
265 Resorts, 3217 trails over 1874 km, 1267 lifts over 937 km, 247km of vertical... and more!
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A Searchable Map of Japan Ski Resorts!

Discover the best Japanese ski resorts with! Do you want to explore the exhilarating ski runs of Japan …. in 3D? Look no further than! Our fully searchable and interactive map and database offer all the information you need to find the best Japanese ski mountains and resorts.

With data that comes from top sources such as OpenStreetMaps and 3D Digital Elevation Models from JAXA, offers complete ski mountain and resort details. View easy to scan information such as ski mountain minimum & maximum elevation, total vertical, information on ski runs such as the number and length of ski runs or pistes sorted by difficultly and also check out the number, length and type of ski lifts. But you might ask, how do I use this map?

It’s simple: visit our website, browse the ski resorts map, and find a list of ski mountains and resorts that match your ability and preferences. 

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Search and sort ski resorts in Japan

Zoom into Any Resort in Japan

Click on the helicopter icon to zoom into any mountain in 3d!  Click the home button to zoom back out.

Pan Around the Ski Resort in 3d

You can pan around any mountain in 3 and view all the ski lifts and pistes available.  

Detailed piste information like length, difficulty, elevation profile, etc

Number & Length of Piste by Difficulty, Piste Elevation Profile!

There are around 500 ski resorts in Japan.  Narrowing down your mountain to match you ability and expectations is really important.  There is no use visiting a 50% expert ski resort if the grand total of ski piste length is just a few kilometers!  Wouldn’t it be nice to know about all the resorts in Japan by length of ski piste grouped by difficulty?