• Japan Ski Resorts Map


    Japan Ski Resorts Map

    Freshsnow.jp was designed to provide easy access to detailed attributes about ski resorts in Japan and to display data in an easy to understand thematic ski resort map. As of November 2023, there are about 295 ski resort maps in Japan in our database. As there are about 450 to 500 ski resorts in Japan,…

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    Updates to freshsnow.jp

    Here is a list of updates: ROADMAP – API – currently the API is only available internally, however, there are plans to lauch it externally with user sign up required.  Currently (Oct 26, 2023), 42 fields of data are available. freshsnow.jp currently has two main page, namely, an overview of all mountains in one map.  This…

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  • Goryu Ski Mountain in Dec


    freshsnow.jp is live – Ski Resort Map

    Japan has a lot of ski resorts!  In fact, snowjapan.com states Japan has about 450.  For me, Japan is the most perfect place in the world.  It is an archipeligo of 4 main islands stretching significantly north, south, east and west.  The geography, the weather and seasons are amazing.  Winter is of course my favorite.  In February in Tokyo,…

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