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906 m.

Summit: 1661 m.

Base: 755 m.


 11 lifts

Over 8.2 km.


16 pistes over 10.5 km.

Beginner: 6 runs over 3.6 km

Intermediate: 8 runs over 5.4 km

Expert: 2 runs over 1.4 km

Piste Length

16 pistes over 10.5 km.

Elevation Profile

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About the Resort

Hakuba Goryu is 1 of 10 resorts available in the Hakuba valley which makes it one of Japan’s largest resorts!  It is also very well situated with only a 30 min drive from Hakuba Cortina in the far north to Jigatake Ski Resort in the far south.  Hakuba Goryu is actually 2 resorts in one!  There is Hakuba Goryu and Hakuba 47.  Again, they are joined together as one resort under one lift ticket.  Hakuba Gory is the southern part while Hakuba 47 is the northern part.  Iimori Zone sits between and below both resorts.

Ski Map of Goryu & Hakuba 47

Get the PDF here.  

The mountain has a good variety of terrain for everyone including powder, beginner to expert runs, moguls a park and even a Tree Riding Zone (TRZ).

Tree Riding Zone

There are Tree Riding Zones on both Goryu and Hakuba 47.  You need to be a registered member.  To become a registered member, you must watch a safety and induction video and sign the consent forms all of which can be done between 0900 to 1100hrs each day at Restaurant Alice at the base of Hakuba 47.  The cost is Yen 500 which is only for the holder that you wear on your arm.  The permit only lasts one season and you will need to renew it each year.  When entering the TRZ, you must wear the permit on you left arm.

47 Parks – The Best Park in Japan

“47PARKS” R4 is a 600-meter-long ski run at the Hakuba 47. The entire course is a snow park, and in recent years has been selected as the best park in Japan by Gurunavi (SURF & SNOW), and has also won the YUKIYAMA App Fan Award in the “Interesting Ski Resort Park Category” for the second consecutive year.  While the park can change from time to time, the park starts with the halfpipe, then goes to the kicker zone, JIB zone, and cross course, allowing you to access more than 10 items in one run.  It’s popular with both beginners and advanced skiers.

Night Skiing

If you are looking for night skiing, Hakuba Goryu has it.  It is the most popular night skiing slope in the valley, too.  Other mountains in the valley only run over the new year holidays or once a week while Hakuba Goryu has night skiing every day from late Dec to March.  The 1000m Toomi slope is closed from 1700 to 1800hrs each day.  Night skiing runs up to 2130hrs.  Hakuba Goryu mentions dates and hours for the 2023/24 season as follows;

Opening datesLate December 2023 to late March 2024, however, it depends on the snow.  Best to check with the hill first.
Operating hours18:00 ~ 21:30
Operating slopeToomi Slope

Now here is a great video to get your blood pumping:

Hakuba Goryu Recruitment

Hakuba Goryu runs an excellent website listing year-round and seasonal (green and white) employment opportunities.  They hire a lot!  They boast over 200 staff.  Depending on the opportunity, room and board is also included.  The site is also all in English.  You can access their opportunities here.