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911 m.

Summit: 1793 m.

Base: 882 m.


 16 lifts

Over 15.9 km.


23 pistes over 13.7 km.

Beginner: 9 runs over 5.8 km

Intermediate: 9 runs over 5.5 km

Expert: 5 runs over 2.5 km

Piste Length

23 pistes over 13.7 km.

Elevation Profile

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Naeba Ski Resort Overview

Naeba is in fact two mountain, namely, Naeba and Kagura. They are connected together by Dragondola, a 5.4 km gondola. It is owned and operated by Prince Hotels, a part of the Seibu Group. The mountains are relatively close to Tokyo. By Shinkansen from Tokyo to Echigo Yuzawa station, it take about 1 hour and 20 minutes. From Echigo Yuzawa, hop onto an express bus and you’ll be at Naeba in about 40 minutes. The mountain can get quite busy on the weekends and holidays due to its relatively easy access from Tokyo. At the foot of Naeba is the base Naeba Prince Hotel boasting a room count of 1,299 rooms, 20 restaurants and convenience stores and a lot more! Naeba also host several FIS Alpine World Cup events.

Naeba Promotional Video

How to get to Naeba?

By Car from Narita, Haneda or the Tokyo Area:

Driving will take you about 3.5 hours to 4 hours from Narita Airport or about 3 to 3.5 hours from Haneda or from downtown Tokyo. Remember, you will need an International Driver’s license to drive in Japan. Also, most highways have tolls. From Tokyo to Naeba, tolls will be about Yen 4,500 to Yen 6,700 one way, depending on the route. You can always drive the local roads but Tokyo to Naeda is about 5 hours or more! There is good parking (3800 parking spots) at Naeba Prince Hotel and is free if you stay at the Prince Hotel.

By Train and Bus from the Tokyo area:

There is Joestu Shinkansen from Tokyo & Ueno stations to Echigo Yuzawa station (there are several stops between Tokyo & Ueno and Echigo Yuzawa). There are about 24 train departures per day from about 0600 hrs to about 2140hrs. It will take about 1 hour and 10 to 20 mins and costs about Yen 5,000 to 8,000 per person one way. From Echigo Yuzawa, you will need to transfer to bus which will take you another 40 to 50 mins. If you are staying at the Prince Hotel, your bus is free but you will need to make a reservation 2 days in advance here. For the 2023/24 ski season, the bus runs from Dec 15, 2023 to Apr 7, 2024. From Echigo Yuzawa to the Prince Hotel , it only departs at 0845 hrs, 0945 hrs, 1045 hrs, 1345 hrs, 1545 hrs and the last one at 1800 hrs. Returning from Naeba to Echigo Yuzawa is similar frequency and duration. Check out the details here. If you are not staying at the Prince Hotel, you will need to pay for the bus.

From Narita Airport:

If you arrive at Narita Airport, the best way is to get your self to Tokyo or Ueno and take the Joestu Shinkansen from there. There are several ways to get from Narita to Tokyo or Ueno as follows;

  1. Keisei Skyliner: This high speed train does not go to Tokyo station. You should get off at the last stop, Ueno. From Narita to Ueno, it is about 41 mins and Yen 2,300. From Ueno, you can transfer to the Joestu Shinkansen to Echigo Yuzawa (see By Train and Bus from Tokyo for details).
  2. Narita Express: This high speed train from Narita goes to Tokyo Station. It takes about 53 minutes and costs about Yen 3,070 per person one way.
  3. Local Train: It will take about 90 mins but only cost about Yen 1,340 per person one way.
  4. Limousine Bus – nope, it is just a bus called Limousine Bus. No bells or whistles. It will take you about 90 mins from Narita to Tokyo station and costs about Yen 3,600 per person one way.
  5. Taxi – if you have the buck, taxis are available. Timewise, it will take about 90 mins and cost about Yen 35,000+ (no tipping in Japan).

Naeba Ski Resort Live Webcam

We were unable to find any live feeds, however, Naeba does have several cameras around the mountain taking periodic still picts of the conditions here.

Download the Resort Map of Naeba

You can download the Naeba Ski Resort trail map here.