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Hakuba, an overall awesome resort and one of Japan’s largest resorts with an extremely snowy winter!  In fact, the average snow fall per season from 1991 to 2020 was just over 13m per season (See Habuba’s average snowfall from 1991 to 2020 here).  This is also where the 1998 Winter Olympic Games were held.  In total, there are 10 ski mountains located in the Hakuba Resort as follows;

  1. Jiigaike Snow Resort – 爺ガ岳スキー場
  2. Kashimayari Snow Resort – 鹿島槍スキー場
  3. Hakuba Sanosaka Snow Resort – 白馬さのさかスキー場
  4. Hakuba Goryu – 白馬五竜スキー場
  5. Hakuba 47 – 白馬47スキー場 (Hakuba Goryu and Hakuba 47 are sold as one mountain and the same lift ticket).
  6. Happo One – 八方尾根スキー場
  7. Hakuba Iwatake – 白馬岩岳スキー場 
  8. Tsugaike Kogen – 栂池高原スキー場
  9. Hakuba Norikura Onsen Resort
  10. Hakuba Cortina – 白馬コルチナスキー場 (Hakuraba Norikura and Hakuba Cortina are sold as one mountain and the same lift ticket).

These mountains are easily accessable from anywhere in the Hakuba valley.  From Jiigatake in the south to Norikura in the north, all resorts are located within a total distance of only 25km! 

 JiigatakeKashimaSanosakaGoryu + 47HappoIwatakeTsugaikeNorikura + CortinaG.TTL
Number of Lifts 48517 (11+6)21112017 (11+8)103
Ttl Length of Lifts (km) (8.5+5.5)15.119.1919.713.1 (8 + 5.1)80.8 km
Ski Area (km2) (1.4+1.8) (1.9 + 2.4)20.3 km2
Number of Pistes12181130 (16 + 14)39322835 (15 + 20)205
Ttl Length of Pistes (km)5.510.14.923.7 (10.5+13.2)32.720.628.421.5 (9.9 + 11.6)147.4 km


How to get to Hakuba Valley?

Read here to find out to how to get to Hakuba Valley from downtown Tokyo or from Haneda Airport.